Sending Emails from your Company Profile

Instructions for sending emails


If you want to send emails to people to invite them to a webinar for example, then you can do that from your Company Profile. You can attach the webinar details to your email including the links to register for the webinar. Only use this email functionality to invite small groups – less than 100 people! (or email addresses). If you want to email larger groups of people you should use a product like MailChimp for example.


Access the admin area of your company profile

menu items - email


After you access the admin area of your Company Profile you will see a grey menu on top of the admin area with the following menu options: Basics, Appearance, Content, People, Webinars, Email, Sponsors, Listings, Reports. Click on the ‘Email’ menu-item, then select the ‘Email Message’ tab.

If you have scheduled webinars the following field will appear: Associated Webinar. Select the webinar you want to associate with your email. Click on the ‘Preview’ tab to see how your email will look.

associated webinar