Virtual Training Consulting

Want to turn your face-to-face training into virtual training? Work with Webvent Virtual Training Consultants to develop powerful, bottom line focused inhouse virtual training programs. Follow a structured step-by-step process that can be applied to your organizational goals.


Virtual Training Development

  • Facilitator Guides

  • Participants Guides

  • PPT Presentations

  • Program Roster

  • Surveys


Virtual Training Organization

  • Modules and Overview

  • Getting Started

  • Summary

  • Resources

  • Key takeaways


Get Creative

  • Team Involvement

  • Analyses and Needs Assessment

  • Organizational Goals

  • Data Collection and Design


Have Fun

  • Survey Planning

  • Testing and Revisions

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation


Marcus Maleck

Business Partnerships Manager

"We were looking for an experienced partner to help produce our Education Certificate programs and found this with Webvent. Their virtual training producers set-out to deliver both domestic and international programs with an understanding of our brand and client expectations. Their team was up to speed in no time and are a pleasure to work with."