Our co-pilots don’t fly… they’re making your virtual training a success!

March 2022 (Carrollton, TX) – The primary responsibility of the Webvent Virtual Training Producer is to serve as a behind the scenes “online co-pilot”, assisting the course facilitator and all participants prior, during and after the course. Virtual training producers are managing the technical aspects of the virtual classroom, starting it well in advance, working on settings and participant privileges before anyone joins. They address any technical issues that arise, allowing the facilitator to effectively manage the training and focus on the subject matter while keeping it highly interactive and enjoyable. The facilitator/producer teamwork simply results in a better customer experience.

It has been proven that in a typical one- or two-hour classroom learning situation, attention increases from the beginning of the lecture to ten minutes into the lecture and decreases after that point. This means we need to find a way to get somebody’s attention every ten minutes repeatedly throughout the training. Good virtual training productions are designed to keep participants interested and active with the technology, with the facilitator and with one another.

Virtual training producers are assisting participants when they’re having audio issues. They sendoff participants into breakout rooms, varying group size and composition. They help keep the pace of the training high and full of activity. Imagine a facilitator having to stop the class because she needs time to create breakout rooms and assign participants to these groups. Or she needs to stop the lecture to assist participants who are having audio issues while the rest of the class wants to move on. Participants will quickly lose interest and leave.

Webvent virtual training producers are therefore indispensable for the virtual training success.

Do you want to outsource your virtual training production or learn more how you can make your virtual training a success? Please contact us at service@webvent.com and we’ll share some of our success stories.